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Motorcycle Laws For Washington DC | District of Columbia Helmet Laws | Motorcycle Accident Lawyers

David E. Tompkins
Car Accident, Bicycle Accident and Pedestrian Accident Attorney for Maryland, D.C. and Virginia
Motorcycle laws vary by state, and the District of Columbia has its own set of motorcycle laws. These laws serve to protect both the motorcycle riders and others around them – not following local motorcycle laws could lead to traffic citations and, more importantly, an increased chance of a motorcycle accident or motorcycle accident injury.

Here are the motorcycle laws for Washington, DC:

•    In the District of Columbia, motorcycle riders are required to wear safety helmet while riding.
•    Washington, DC, has both sound level laws and muffler laws for motorcycles. A biker may not modify or amplify the sound coming from his vehicle, and motorcycles may not make sounds above a certain specified level.
•    Lane splitting and lane sharing – in which motorcycles share lanes with other vehicles or drive in between lanes – are not mentioned in the District’s motorcycle laws.
•    There are handlebar height restriction in Washington, DC. All motorcycles must have a maximum handlebar height of 15 inches at the time of inspection.
•    Turn singles are not required on motorcycles, no matter what their model or year.
•    A left-side rear-view mirror is required on all motorcycles although a right-side rear-view mirror is not required.
•    Not only is using a police radar detector illegal, it is also illegal to possess a radar detector that is not in use.
•    Eye protection, either in the form of goggles or a windshield, is required in Washington DC.
•    Both a passenger seat and passenger footrest is required if a passenger is riding on your motorcycle.
•    Bikers are required to use a daytime headlight, though modulating headlights are allowed.
•    There are no restrictions on passenger age.
•    There are no restriction on helmet speakers or helmet speaker use.