A Second Opinion May Prevent a Maryland Medical Error From Happening to You

Handling the devastating news of a serious medical illness or complication can be very difficult for anyone. Not being familiar with medical terms, technical names, or really just the vast array of side effects that one might suffer as a result might be reason enough to simply accept that “doctor knows best.” However, the option of getting a second opinion might be one of the most important benefits you could receive. In fact, getting that second opinion could save your life!

If Doctors have the knowledge and education, why does a second opinion matter?
  • Doctor’s opinions may differ on any given diagnosis or treatment.
  • Different doctor’s have different degrees of knowledge concerning various treatment methods, and may have experienced different outcomes in their careers.
  • Doctors may have varying types of technology or equipment available to them based on the size of their practice, years of experience, financial resources, or connections within the medical community.
  • Some doctors may take a more aggressive approach in their treatment methods, while other make take a more conservative, holistic, or natural approach in their medical care and recommendations.

Each of these could impact how a doctor diagnoses your condition, and the type of treatment he/she recommends.

What other factors concerning your doctor are important to consider when discussing your medical choices?
  • What other medical treatments may be available in your area? Different regions of the country, different hospitals, or different specialists may have access to other medical treatment alternatives.
  • Doctors are human! Despite their years of expertise, even the best doctors are capable of missing vital information about a patient’s health. Physicians and medical experts can still make mistakes!

Getting a second opinion is a proactive way for patients to have greater control over their own health care and options. After all, it is your body and your health being put to the test. Going ahead and getting that second opinion can either confirm your doctor’s original diagnosis, or provide you, and your PCP, with another option to consider before your medical treatment begins.

If you live in the greater D.C. area and have experienced serious complications from a medical mistake, understanding your legal rights is an important aspect in protecting your future health and well being. At Lewis & Tompkins, we may be able to offer just the help you need. Call us today to learn more about medical malpractice and your legal options.

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