Bethesda Bicycle Accident Lawyers Take a Look at Defective Bicycle Products and the Injuries They Cause

When bicycling accidents make the news, it is usually a fatal or near-fatal crash involving a car and a bicycle. The majority of biking accidents in the Washington, D.C. area, however, are fairly minor and may not even involve another vehicle. These accidents can often be caused by a fairly surprising element—a defective bike component.

When most of us hear about accidents caused by defective products, we think about car accidents. From tires to braking systems (the two most widely publicized defective products cases in the past few years), defective products have been the cause of several auto accidents. The victims of these accidents were able to receive compensation based on the negligence of the product’s manufacturers, and if you or a loved one has been injured in a Washington, D.C. bicycling accident because of a faulty product, you may also be able to receive compensation, also.

Did a Faulty Product Cause Your Northern VA, DC, or Bethesda Area Cycling Accident?

The simple explanation of a defective biking product case is that a product had one of three things wrong with it, and you were injured because of one of these three things:

  • Poor Design – The design of the product was defective, which caused you to become injured.
  • Improper Manufacturing – The product was designed correctly, but the manufacturing process was defective, which resulted in a dangerous product.
  • Inadequate Warnings – Those strange warnings—such as those on your hairdryer—are there because there is potential for the product to be dangerous. If there is a product on your bicycle that could be dangerous if used improperly, there must be sufficient warning and instructions for proper use.

If you are injured in a biking accident, and you feel as though a defective product is to blame, you need to take immediate action to document the evidence of the product’s failure, as well as begin a paper trail that documents the injuries that you incurred.

A personal injury attorney will be able to help you ensure that your case is airtight, which will help you recover maximum damages for your injuries. The Bethesda bicycle accident injury attorneys at Lewis & Tompkins are here to listen to your case and help you get started—call us at 202.296.0666 for a free consultation today.

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