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When someone is struck by a fire truck

On Behalf of | Dec 12, 2019 | Motor Vehicle Accidents

Whenever someone is hit by another vehicle on the road, whether they are driving or riding in a car, walking or riding a bicycle, the accident can be terrifying and may lead to a devastating injury (if not the loss of life). However, some accidents are especially devastating, such as those which involve large vehicles such as semi-trucks or fire trucks. In fact, the risk of an accident may be especially high when a fire truck is on the road, especially if the driver is responding to an emergency that requires immediate attention.

Accidents that involve a fire truck may be particularly likely to happen in certain areas, such as urban streets that see heavy traffic or rural roads that have many sharp turns. The impact of such a collision can be severe, and someone riding in a much smaller vehicle (or riding a motorcycle) may pass away as a result of the collision. If they survive, they may be left with injuries that turn their lives upside down permanently.

Some people may be hesitant to pursue legal action after being struck by a fire truck, especially if a crew was responding to a blaze. However, this should not deter victims who are having a very hard time due to debilitating injuries, financial burdens or other challenges caused by the accident. It is imperative for the victims of these wrecks to have a firm understanding of the legal strategies that may be helpful for them and do everything in their power to move forward in life, which may mean taking a case to court.