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How can you protect your aging loved one from a fall?

On Behalf of | Jun 8, 2020 | Plane Crashes, Injuries and Deaths

Watching your parents age may bring bittersweet feelings and new concerns you had never before considered. Whether your parents live in your home, on their own or in a nursing home facility, your intervention to prevent slips, trips and falls may help protect their well-being. 

You can also contribute your knowledge in educating your parents so they have the necessary tools and resources to protect themselves. Informing them of how to respond if an accident does happen may minimize the time it takes for them to get help for an injury. 

Implementing safety measures 

Certain areas of your parents’ home may create a bigger hazard than others. For example, a slippery shower, stairs or a poorly positioned bed. Focusing on these areas may alleviate some of your concerns. Encourage your parents to be watchful of where they step and to ask for help if they are uncomfortable moving from one place to another without assistance. If your parents do rely on a walker or other support mechanisms, frequently check that they are properly fitted for requirements such as height and weight. 

Solutions to minimize falls 

According to Everyday Health, falls are the most common reason that elderly people are injured each year. Experts suggest that you make sure that all walking areas are properly lit and free of clutter. Additionally, if you recognize places where carpet or flooring presents a tripping hazard, be prompt in making repairs. Other things you can do include installing handrails in areas where your parents may benefit from extra support and making accommodations so all needed living space is on one level. Help your parents select clothing and footwear that allows them to move freely and safely.