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Include all possible defendants in a truck accident claim

On Behalf of | Feb 19, 2021 | Truck Accidents

Accidents between trucks and private vehicles can have disastrous and even deadly results. A victim of a collision with a semi or tractor-trailer may suffer extensive personal harm in their ordeal, if they even survive. Every year, Americans in the DC metro area and throughout the nation lose their lives to truck accidents.

In the wake of a truck accident, it may be difficult for a victim to think about their legal rights. They may be focused on their recovery and moving their life forward. However, those end goals can be difficult of their injuries keep them out of work and their medical bills threaten their financial stability.

Litigation based on losses from personal injury accidents like truck accidents can result in awards of damages for victims. This post will focus on one part of truck accident litigation – identifying defendants – and how this can help prepare a comprehensive pleading. This post is not legal advice. Readers are asked to speak with their own attorneys about how litigation may serve their unique interests.

Who can a victim sue after a truck accident?

Victims of personal injury incidents often sue the other parties who were directly involved in their accidents. For example, when two private citizens are in a motor vehicle accident, the victim will generally sue the person at fault for their damages. To this end, a truck accident victim can sue the driver of the truck that caused their injuries and harm.

However, truck accidents often involve parties that are not present at the moment the collisions occur. In some cases, truck drivers may not own the trucks that they operate and therefore the truck owners may carry some liability for the crashes. Additionally, many truck drivers are employees of companies that pay them to deliver goods on DC metro roads. When an entity puts a dangerous driver or dangerous truck on the road, it may also be liable for accident victims’ losses.

Finally, insurance companies can often be included in accident litigation when large trucks are involved. Complicating factors, such as drivers working as independent contractors and other issues, may make truck accident litigation more complex. These and other matters can be discussed with trusted personal injury attorneys.

Dealing with the aftermath of a serious truck accident

As mentioned, in the wake of a truck accident, a victim may not have any ability to focus on anything other than their recovery. Victims should know, though, that they are limited in how long they may wait to file litigation concerning their accidents. When they are ready, they can benefit from speaking with dedicated personal injury attorneys about their losses. Lawyers who work in this field can support their clients’ legal needs and advise them of how to move their cases forward in timely and conscientious ways.