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Signs to watch for that indicate nursing home injuries

On Behalf of | Sep 28, 2021 | Nursing Home Injuries

Nursing home abuse can have catastrophic consequences for victims and their loved ones. For that reason, victims and their families should be familiar with the signs of nursing home injuries and abuse and what to watch for.

Signs of nursing home abuse

There are different types of nursing home abuse to watch for. Physical abuse, such as broken bones or black eyes, can be more obvious, however, they may also be erroneously blamed on falls or other types of accidents. Other common signs of nursing home abuse can include bed sores.

Nursing home abuse can also be aggressive verbal abuse that may be critical and demeaning. Abuse that is sexual in nature can result in sexually transmitted diseases. Older adults who are being neglected may display poor hygiene. Financial abuse can result in victims turning over large sums of money to caregivers. Victims can also be pressured into signing legal documents that they do not understand.

Family and friends should watch for certain signs of possible nursing home abuse in their loved ones including withdrawing from normal activities; making statements that refer to possible abuse; being isolated such as not being able to maintain relationships; being unable to talk on the phone; or being unavailable when loved ones or authorities come to check on the victim’s welfare.

The consequences of nursing home abuse and neglect can be dire. Victims who have suffered nursing home abuse or neglect and have suffered injuries or worse should be familiar with the personal injury and wrongful death legal damages available to help victims and their families with the damages they have suffered.