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As a motorcyclist, it can feel like you’re a target

On Behalf of | Nov 1, 2021 | Motorcycle Accidents

There is nothing like riding a motorcycle. The freedom. The connection to your bike beneath you, the road in front of you and the world around you. That freedom comes with a level of danger, but it’s a danger you accept. What’s harder to accept is when the drivers around you either don’t appreciate the danger and exercise care, or just ignore you entirely.

Driver mistakes have outsized consequences for motorcyclists

You’re not surrounded by a metal cage and you don’t have air bags. But the law requires those driving cars around you to exercise reasonable at all times. And yet, they often fail to do so, because they’ve been drinking alcohol, didn’t get enough sleep the night before or decide their phone call is more important, Regardless of the reason, they are not as focused on the road as they should be and they make mistakes.

When those mistakes come at the expense of a motorcyclist, the consequences can be severe. According to the National Highway Traffic and Safety Administration, motorcyclists are 27 times more likely to die in an accident than those driving cars and trucks. What may be a minor fender-bender for them can result in severe injury for their two-wheeled victim.

Personal injury lawsuits exist for a very good reason. When you’re injured in a motorcycle accident, they are a powerful tool available to make you whole again and find some justice. Driving negligently is against the law but, when someone does it anyway, a lawsuit can be the means by which you hold them accountable. You may not be able to control how drivers act when they’re behind the wheel, but you can exercise some control over what happens in the future.