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Slip-and fall victims and the impact of TBIs caused by a fall

On Behalf of | Mar 10, 2022 | Traumatic Brain and Spinal Cord Injuries

As the saying goes, if you fall you should get up and dust yourself off. Taking a tumble may seem like a minor incident; however, falls could cause one to suffer serious injuries. In some cases, an individual could slip and fall on the property of another. Such a fall could result in one hitting his or her head, resulting in a traumatic brain injury or TBI. Therefore, a slip-and-fall accident could be the cause of a serious TBI.

TBIs caused by falls

With regards to moderate and severe TBIs, these are most often caused by bumps, blows and jolts to the head. Based on current research by the CDC, falls are one of the leading causes of TBI-related hospitalizations. This impacts older adults more often than the younger population; however, falls cause TBIs in people of all ages.

Impacts of a TBI

A TBI could have significant impact on a person’s health and life. The effects of a moderate or severe TBI are comparable to those of a person living with a chronic disease. It is very possible that a victim with a moderate or severe TBI may need ongoing care to help them recover or manage the effects of the injury.

Current data explores the five-year outcomes for a person suffering from a TBI. This data found that 26% improved, 30% got worse, 22% had no improvement but did not get worse and 22% died. This data shows that a moderate to severe TBI could significantly impact a victim.

A catastrophic injury is not only painful but could also impact one’s life for years or even a lifetime. Thus, it is important to consider the options available to accident victims when another party was at fault. A personal injury action not only holds another party accountable for the incident and injuries suffered, but it also helps with the recovery of compensation that could be used towards medical bills, lost wages and other related losses.