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‘Frontover’ SUV accidents drawing increased scrutiny

On Behalf of | Aug 11, 2022 | Motor Vehicle Accidents

Road safety is taking on greater urgency in Maryland and across the United States as statistics show alarming increases in the number of pedestrians injured or killed in motor vehicle accidents.

A common cause of these crashes is a driver’s failure to see the pedestrian. That might be because they were distracted behind the wheel. But recent reports have found that the design of the vehicle itself could be a contributing factor.

Lawmakers take notice of report about ‘frontover’ accident risk

A recent investigative report from a local news station about “frontover” accidents involving SUVs is getting increased attention. The report showed that SUVs and trucks have blind spots in front that can prevent the driver from seeing people in front of it. Children are in significant danger. A test showed that the blind zone extended to 16 feet. Anecdotal evidence indicates just what can happen. In 2019, a woman accidentally ran over her child in the driveway of her home because she did not see him.

The NHTSA analyzed this type of accident in 2015. It found that around 15,000 people were injured and 366 people died in frontover crashes. Advanced technology is now standard in many new vehicles and that includes rear cameras. This was mandated to be included in 2018. Front cameras are not.

Accidents must be fully investigated to decide on a path forward

SUVs are already known to be a major factor in accident severity due to their size. Previous research had discussed their height making it difficult to see pedestrians. This information as to how children can be jeopardized adds a new challenge to the mix.

When there is any type of auto accident, it is important to know what might have caused it. This could be a fundamental part of a claim for compensation to cover for medical costs, lost wages, pain and suffering, and future care. Consulting with professionals who understand how to assess accidents can help with a case.