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Car crashes and emotional trauma

On Behalf of | Jan 18, 2023 | Motor Vehicle Accidents

Most people know that car crashes mean physical trauma, but many do not know that they also mean emotional trauma. Most car accident victims move through that emotional trauma quickly, but for others, they experience post-traumatic stress.

The initial shock

Everyone involved in a Virginia car accident experiences some level of emotional trauma, even if it is just shock and disbelief that quickly dissipates. And, for most, this is the emotional path the trauma takes.

Post-traumatic stress symptoms

If those initial feelings of shock and disbelief do not go away, but instead, seem to get worse, you may have post-traumatic stress symptoms. Other symptoms can include an inability to concentrate, severe anxiety, nightmares, trouble sleeping, etc. Some just cannot stop thinking about it, and the Bethesda, Maryland, car crash is on a continual loop in their heads. This can cause other issues and mood swings.

Mild symptom alleviation

For those who have less-severe symptoms, there are some easy steps to take to mitigate the emotional trauma. Stay active, as directed and allowed by your doctor, and talk about your feelings with your friends and family. These two acts can help mitigate minor or mild car crash emotional trauma.

Get help

If you are not sure if your emotional trauma has reached the level of post-traumatic stress, it is still a good idea to seek mental health services. If you are suffering from PTS, it will likely not get better until you receive professional help. And, do not forget to tell your personal injury attorney about what you are suffering because emotional trauma can be included in your Washington, D.C., metro area personal injury lawsuit.