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Drivers must be especially careful in construction zones

On Behalf of | May 18, 2023 | Motor Vehicle Accidents

With warmer weather setting in across the state, Marylanders and those in the D.C. metro area will need to be on the lookout for road construction.

This time of year is a good opportunity to remind drivers about how important it is for them to be safe in work zones. They should slow down, use extra care and caution and make sure to follow all warning signs and directions from construction workers.

While Maryland has taken efforts to improve work zone safety, it sadly has not been enough. Just recently, a tragic accident killed 6 construction workers in this state.

More recently, authorities investigating this accident announced that speeding through the work zone had contributed to the tragedy. It is another sad case that shows that while rushing through construction zones is too common, the results are often catastrophic.

Drivers have a legal responsibility to highway workers, other motorists

The loss of their loved ones is probably hard enough on the families of these 6 workers. In addition, they also have been left with funeral expenses and perhaps other out-of-pocket costs.

They may also have to figure out how they are going to replace their loved one’s income.

While the families may be able to get some help from workers’ compensation, there is no guarantee that these benefits would cover all of their costs.

Moreover, they are also entitled to some consideration for the profound emotional and other non-economic losses they suffered. While hard to put an exact dollar figure on, these are very real losses that deserve compensation.

From a legal perspective, these types of accidents can be complicated. Even if a thorough investigation makes it clear who is legally responsible, there may be arguments about how much compensation the victims’ families should receive.

Also, in these circumstances, receiving compensation may require filing claims with multiple insurance carriers.

The grieving families may need help figuring out all their legal options and making sure that they receive all the compensation to which they are entitled.