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Safety campaign in May focuses on avoiding motorcycle crashes

On Behalf of | May 20, 2024 | Motorcycle Accidents

In the warmer months, motorcycles are a common sight on the roads. While most riders and drivers of passenger vehicles and trucks will share the road safely and keep an eye on each other, motorcycle crashes are still a problem.

Given the likelihood of catastrophic and fatal injuries, safety advocates and legislators are trying to emphasize the need for proper safety practices. To assist in their efforts, the month of May was deemed National Motorcycle Safety Awareness Month. As part of that, accident statistics and how to avoid collisions were a primary focus.

The number of motorcyclists has increased

The most recent comprehensive statistics from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration show that motorcyclists are dramatically overrepresented for road fatalities when compared to others on the road. For 2022, more than 6,200 riders lost their lives. Of all road deaths for that year, motorcyclists comprised 15% of fatalities. This was the worst total for riders in almost 50 years.

Safety entities repeatedly mention the importance of understanding proper safety practices to motorcyclists and drivers. Both should adhere to fundamental principles such as being visible, adhering to the speed limits and wearing safety equipment to mitigate accidents and their aftermath as much as possible.

Nearly two of every three fatal motorcycle crashes were in urban areas. Contrary to perceptions that weather was a major factor in accidents, nearly all – 94% – happened in weather that was categorized as “good.” Half happened during the day.

Maryland averages 73 rider fatalities per year. More than 1,000 are injured. These numbers were consistent with the 2022 statistics. Virginia had 108 rider fatalities in just over 2,000 crashes for that year.

Know the options after a motorcycle accident

With the number of vehicles and motorcyclists on the road and risky behaviors on the rise, it is no surprise that motorcycle collisions are happening more frequently. Drivers are using bigger and heavier vehicles, exceed the speed limit, are distracted and break various laws. This puts everyone – particularly motorcyclists – in jeopardy.

When there is a collision and riders are involved, they can suffer spinal cord injuries, brain trauma, broken bones, cuts and more. Often, they permanently damaged or killed. The financial and personal ramifications are extensive and it is imperative to know what can be done after a motorcycle accident to cover for all that was lost with medical care, lost wages and other challenges.