Can a Nurse be Responsible for Your Washington, DC-area Medical Malpractice?

If you happen to know a nurse, or even if you are a nurse yourself, you know how much responsibility nurses carry on their shoulders. Nurses are typically the people that hospital patients see most often during a hospital stay. If something feels off, a nurse will be the first one to respond when you call for help. Nurses are also in charge of administering very important medication to all hospital patients and relaying critical information to doctors regarding your treatment.

Because of the amount of time that nurses spend with each patient, they often tend to be initially saddled with responsibility for any medical malpractice that may occur. The tricky part about Washington, DC medical malpractice involving a nurse, however, is that the nurse is technically under the supervision of an attending doctor. This means that even if the nurse is actually the person who injured you, he may not be the person or business that you end up suing.

Three Washington, DC Medical Malpractice Scenarios Involving Nurses

The reason why DC and Bethesda medical malpractices cases can get so complicated is that while all nurses are under the direct supervision of a doctor, the doctor may not always be an employee of the hospital in which she is practicing in. In that case, the hospital takes on the liability for their nurses. The hospital may also be the entity you sue if a nurse injures you while performing a standard task that does not require doctor supervision. This could include a nurse dropping a piece of equipment on you during a routine duty.

If a nurse injures you while under the direct supervision of a hospital-employed doctor, such as during a surgery, the doctor may be the responsible party. In order for this to be the case, the doctor in question had to be present and capable of preventing your injury that resulted from the nurse’s negligence.

To add one more confusing element, the nurse may also be held directly liable for your injury caused by his own negligence. This may be the case if the nurse was given specific and correct instructions but failed to follow these instructions correctly, such as giving you another patient’s medication.

Make Things Simple

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