Car Accident Hazard: Drunk Driving | Maryland, Virginia, And DC Car Accident Lawyers

This month reported that an unlikely driver was caught driving under the influence – a DUI judge in Maryland. The drunk driving MD judge lost control of his vehicle and seriously injured two people, including a child, in child. Unfortunately, this is only one example of how drunk driving can cause car accidents in Maryland, DC, and Virginia.

Shockingly, one out of three people will be involved in a drunk driving car accident at some point in their lives and a drunk driving accident occurs every thirty minutes in the United States. All in all, 35 to 45 percent of all fatal car accidents involve alcohol in some way. In Maryland in 2006, 36 percent of all fatal vehicle accidents involved drunk driving and 235 people were killed in DUI accidents. In Virginia in 2006, 36 percent of all deadly car accidents involved alcohol and 347 people died in drunk driving accidents. In the District of Columbia in 2006, 36 percent of all fatal vehicle accidents involved alcohol consumption and 14 people died in drunk driving incidents. These statistics include both people who have been drinking as well as those who were innocent victims of other people’s irresponsible decisions.

There are a few simple ways that you can help prevent drunk driving accidents:

  • NEVER drink and drive. Pick a designated driver and make certain to have plans to get home after you consume alcohol.
  • Make sure that if you see someone drinking, they have a safe way to get home for the night or that they have a place to stay.
  • Teach your teen the dangers of drinking and driving, especially for young drivers.
  • If you see a car on the road driving erratically, call the police and report the incident.
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