Car Accidents Questions

Can a car accident cause pregnancy complications or birth injuries? Is it illegal to use a turn lane as a passing lane? My friend was just seriously injured in a rollover accident in Virginia. Now I’m worried. What can I do if I’m ever an accident like this? Who is at fault for an accident caused by a pothole? What should I do if I see an aggressive driver on the highway? Can Virginia drivers report aggressive driving? Do distractions from passengers or the use of cell phones cause more car accidents? What kind of treatment will I get if I receive whiplash because of a Washington, DC car crash? How long do I have to file a lawsuit after a car accident? What are some of the most common forms of distracted driving, and how does it affect my safety? What are the leading causes of rear-end collisions? Why are seat belt laws different between states, and how does it affect the outcome of my car accident settlement? Why shouldn’t kids be able to sit in the front seat of a car if they don’t need a safety seat anymore? Do the laws in Washington, D.C., require us to use a car seat for our toddler when riding in a taxicab? I was involved in a car accident about a year ago, but never filed a lawsuit against the at-fault driver. I was injured in a parking lot car accident recently, and my car was damaged. I was recently involved in a car accident in Washington, D.C. What are the most common causes of auto accidents in urban areas like the Washington, D.C. area, and what do I do if I’m in an accident? Most wrong-way driving accidents that happen are head-on collisions. What are the most common injuries associated with head-on auto collisions? I want to avoid a car accident, but there are some really bad drivers on the road. What is the best way to avoid a traffic accident with dangerous drivers on the road? Are there cases when the driver in front is held responsible for a rear-end collision in D.C.? There really aren’t too many known laws specifically dealing with drowsy driving. Can motorists in D.C. be found negligent if they are caught driving a vehicle while sleepy? I was recently involved in a Maryland car crash, and was badly injured. What is the best way to protect my child from a Maryland car accident? I recently purchased a safety harness for buckling up my three-year-old on aircrafts. Can I use this in my car to help keep her safe in the event of a Virginia car accident? I was recently in a serious Fairfax car accident, and when I saw a copy of the police report, I noticed that some of the facts and accounts were wrong. Can I do something about this? I was rear-ended today in a very minor Washington, D.C.-area car accident. Will I need to hire a lawyer, or can I just deal with this on my own? I seem to see fender-benders on my way to work on the Beltway on a weekly basis, but what should I do if I encounter a more serious Washington, D.C. car crash? My husband was recently killed in a very serious Washington, D.C. car accident. What are my rights? I was involved in a Virginia car accident while I was making a left turn, but I don’t think it was my fault—do I have a case? My first grader is a big kid. Does he still need to ride in a child safety seat? Who pays for my property damage? What is my case worth?
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