Car Accidents

Driving Safety in the News

Washington D.C. – In 2006, The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration will release a new ad campaign that will be targeted at “Buzzed Drivers,” or people who are not heavily intoxicated. In October, the D.C. Council relaxed its illegal Blood Alcohol Content (BAC) level, mainly due to complaints that drinks while socializing is a key part of doing business in Washington.

Maryland Car Accident Legal Representation for Serious Injuries and Fatalities

The personal injury attorneys of Lewis & Tompkins represent victims who have been injured as a result of car and motorcycle accidents. Throughout Washington D.C., Virginia and Maryland, we’ve helped clients who have suffered severe injuries as a result of high-speed collisions, rear-end collisions, drunk driving accidents, reckless or aggressive driving, driver distraction, rollover accidents and pedestrian accidents obtain fair and full settlements for the injuries they’ve sustained. When a driver or passenger is killed in a car accident, Lewis & Tompkins provides legal expertise in obtaining wrongful death settlements and verdicts in the courts of Washington D.C., Virginia and Maryland.

Car accidents are the top cause of serious personal injuries and fatalities in the Washington area. Simply for being in the wrong place at the wrong time, many of our clients and their families have been forced to adapt to lives forever limited by brain injury, spinal cord injury and other injuries that are often the result of car accidents. Sadly, it is these types of injuries that most often require the proven legal skills that Lewis & Tompkins provides.

Through four decades of legal representation to car accident injury victims throughout D.C., Virginia and Maryland, our car accident attorneys have learned first-hand that the costs of these terrible injuries aren’t confined simply to long-term care, rehabilitation and medical expenses. We also know the financial toll of the emotional loss, pain and suffering many families of the injured must endure. While a seriously injured car accident victim may survive an accident, dreams and expectations of a full, healthy and productive life often do not.

By learning everything we can about a client’s daily life, both before and after the accident, our attorneys build cases that compel judges and juries to empathize with a car accident injury victim, helping us obtain maximum compensation for our client’s injuries. Getting to know our clients and understanding the trust and responsibility they place in our abilities is pivotal to this effort, and is the foundation of the success our attorneys have consistently obtained for our clients.

Handling High Dollar Claims for Serious Car Accident Injuries

Because of improved safety standards in cars, SUVs and trucks, and improving road conditions, there has been a noticeable decline in car accident injuries and deaths during the past few years. When injury causing car accidents do occur, however, the cost of healthcare recovery continues to spiral.

Resistance to fair settlements for high dollar medical claims involving lengthy hospital care is common in the casualty insurance industry. Because medical care for catastrophic injuries can cost many thousands of dollars per day, these types of claims face the most scrutiny and inspection by insurance claims adjustors, underwriters and other insurance personnel involved in the claims and settlements process.

If any circumstances of either the accident or the victim’s insurance policy, however trivial, can clear or limit the insurance company of liability, then it becomes a legitimate basis for denial or reduction of an insurance claim. Even when a claim is rock solid, many insurance companies aren’t above simply inventing reasons to deny a high dollar claim.

In these situations, only attorneys who aggressively negotiate the best terms for their clients can force insurance companies to comply with their obligations to car accident injury victims. At Lewis & Tompkins, our reputation as successful trial attorneys precedes us, and ensures that insurance companies negotiate in good faith when offering settlements to our clients.

DUI Cases

Lewis & Tompkins represents the families of those injured or killed by drunk drivers. Recent changes in Maryland, D.C. and Virginia criminal law for drinking and driving make the penalties for drunk driving severe. To obtain financial damages from a drunk driver if he or she has caused an injury or death, a civil action must be filed against the negligent party and their insurance company. Lewis & Tompkins helps families in Washington, D.C., Virginia and Maryland file and prosecute civil actions against drunk drivers to obtain financial damages for the injury.

Rear End Collision Injuries and Deaths

Improved seat belt and airbag technology has made walking away from frontal collisions unscathed far more likely for those involved in car accident. But the same can’t be said for surviving a rear end collision without injury. Rear end collisions are the leading cause of injury and death in car accidents. Lewis & Tompkins helps those in Washington D.C., Maryland and Virginia who have suffered injury in rear end collisions obtain compensation for their injuries.

Aggressive or Reckless Driving

Driving at high speeds, making swift and reckless turns, cutting off other cars on the road, driving too closely, and other hazardous driving techniques are all too common on the Beltway. When these actions lead to serious injury or death to another driver or passenger, civil action against the aggressive driver and their insurance company can be undertaken. Lewis & Tompkins helps those in Washington D.C., Maryland and Virginia who have suffered injury as a result of reckless driving obtain compensation for their injuries.

Pedestrian and Bicycle Accident Cases

As one of the top tourist destinations in the world, the streets and crosswalks of Washington D.C. are often crowded with those who have come to visit our nation’s capital. When drivers ignore the safety of pedestrians or bicyclists and cause injury to someone crossing a street on foot or on a bicycle, Lewis & Tompkins helps the injured pedestrian or bicyclist obtain compensation for their injuries.

Driver Distraction

Did you know that “rubbernecking”, or slowing down to look at another car accident, is one of the top causes of rear-end collision car accidents? Other driver distractions include talking on a cell phone, eating, or other activity that has no place on busy roads and highways. More than ever, driving is a privilege and duty, and there is no room for driver distraction on our roads. When driver distraction causes injury to another driver or passenger, Lewis & Tompkins helps the injured party obtain compensation for their injuries.

Rollover Accidents

Rollovers accidents are more common in accidents involving SUVs, pickups, vans, large trucks and other non-standard cars. While manufacturers have taken some steps to lower rollover propensity in these types of vehicles, the rate of rollover accidents is still unreasonably high. When injuries or death are the result of rollover accidents, Lewis & Tompkins helps these victims take effective legal action to secure the compensation they deserve.

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