Causes of Spinal Cord Injuries | Virginia & Maryland Spinal Cord Accident Lawyer

Spinal Cord Injuries can change an accident victim's life forever. Someone suffering from a spinal cord injury could report breathing problems, numbness, chronic pain, incontinence, loss of senses and sensory issues, muscle spasms, muscle atrophy, paralysis, weakness, and numbness. In many cases, surgery and realignment are necessary. But what are the common causes of traumatic spinal cord injuries?

· Car accidents, truck accidents, and motorcycle accidents. More than 40 percent of traumatic spinal cord injuries are caused by vehicle accidents. In many cases, those suffering spinal cord injuries in car accidents were not wearing their seat belt. In some cases, those suffering spinal cord injuries in car accidents were either driving drunk or hit by a drunk driver.

· Slips and falls. The second most common cause of spinal cord injuries in the United States are slips and falls. These falls can occur at the workplace, at a construction site, in a store, in your apartment, at a hotel, or in a parking garage - to name a few. Those over 65 are most susceptible to spinal cord injury falls.

· Sports and recreation. About ten percent of spinal cord injuries take place during a sport or other activity. The most common sports and activities for spinal cord injuries include cycling, diving, football, wrestling, and rock climbing.

· Violent assaults. Statistics show that violent assaults are responsible for about 15 percent of spinal cord injuries - assaults which include beating with a blunt object, knife attacks, and gun shot wounds.

· Drinking. Although drinking is not a direct cause of spinal cord injuries, up to one-fourth of all spinal cord accidents involve alcohol intoxication in some form.

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