Could my doctor’s intentional extension of treatment have caused long-term effects?

You’ve had this dull pain in your chest for a couple of days now, and it seems to be getting increasingly worse. You decide that since it isn’t going away on its own, nor with antacids, Tylenol, or heat, that you should make an appointment to see your doctor.

You wind up spending two hours in a MedStar waiting room, with the pain increasing every minute that goes by, until a nurse finally calls you back. You then sit for an additional 30 minutes waiting for your doctor. Finally, your doctor shows up (making his apologies for being so busy), and gives you a two-minute exam. Once the “mini” exam is done, he tells you that nothing seems to be wrong, but if the pain continues, to come back and see him in a week.

Seriously? The pain has gotten worse since you’ve been sitting there. What will it be like in a week? In addition to the pain, if something is wrong that he didn’t see, could this delay cause long-term effects?

Effects of Delayed or Prolonged Medical Treatment

When you’re in pain, every second can feel like an eternity and every misdiagnosis or “let’s try this” opinion can be agonizing to hear. However, misdiagnoses and delayed treatments not only waste your time and prolong your discomfort, they can have devastating long-term effects as well.

  • Increased pain. The longer treatment is postponed, the more pain and suffering you must endure
  • Increased risk of permanent injury. Certain illnesses can become worse, spread, or cause irreversible damage the longer they go untreated. Cancer, spinal cord injuries, brain damage, and pregnancy complications are among those conditions that could cause long-term and life-altering effects if proper treatment is delayed.
  • Increased risk of physical changes. Some ailments carry an increased risk of disfigurement, amputation, or physical alterations due to prolonged deterioration of muscles or tissue as time passes.
  • Increased medical costs. The longer it takes to accurately diagnose an issue, the more you’ll have to pay for tests, diagnostics, treatments and medication that may help the undiagnosed problem. Additionally, when you eventually get the proper treatment plan, it is more likely to involve expensive “heroic” measures to compensate for the delay in getting the right care.

Has a misdiagnosis or delayed treatment caused you additional pain and suffering? Don’t let your incompetent doctors get away with it. Contact us for a free consultation and review of your case. You could be entitled to a medical malpractice settlement and compensation for any long-term effects your doctor’s negligence may have caused.

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