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When a family is expecting a baby, they buy and receive infant products that they hope will bring their new child comfort and joy. From toys to cribs to bottles to strollers, new parents hope that each baby item that they buy will make their infant happier, healthier, and easier to take care of. However, all too often the federal regulations that protect consumers from dangerous products fail and infants and toddlers are seriously injured or killed because of defective infant and baby products.

In the last few weeks, two very large and very shocking baby product recalls have many parents concerned about the safety of the baby products that are supposed to keep their children safe and well cared for. High-end British stroller company Maclaren recalled over a million of their defective strollers after reporting that one dozen children had lost fingers in the hinges of the defective products. After the recall, the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission said that they would investigate all umbrella strollers in general, whose sharp hinges have been responsible for similar injuries for the last few decades.

In a second serious infant product recall this month, Stork Craft, Inc., recalled almost 2 million dangerous cribs in North America after several parents reported that the dropsied cribs were seriously injuries and suffocating babies and toddlers. Again, the huge defective crib recall shone a spotlight on the shortcomings of the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission and of the continuing problems of infant care products.

Repair kits for both the defective strollers and the defective cribs are available for owners of the dangerous products – consumers can request the kits by calling the company.

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