Dangers of Flying Banner Planes | Maryland and Virginia Plane Crash Lawyers

Banner planes - planes that advertise local deals by flying large banners behind them - are a summer staple along the beaches of Maryland and Virginia. However, not many people think of the dangers associated with flying with such a burden. The banners are often four stories high (to be big enough to be read by beach vacationers down below) and are as long as a fire engine. The banner planes must make a low pass while flying in order to hook the banners onto their tails and then lift the heavy burdens into the air. An enormous banner complicates every aspect of flying - especially in bad weather - and banner plane pilots often find themselves making emergency landings and crash landings.

According to the National Transportation Safety Board, there have been three banner plane crashes in Maryland since 2004 - a hefty number considering the overall number of plane crashes in the state in general.

Just last week, a banner plane was forced to make an emergency landing along the east coast after the small aircraft suffered an engine failure. Although the banner plane pilot was not injured, the crash was a harsh reminder of the dangers of banner planes and the frequency of banner plane accidents.

Of course, the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) is slow to jump to conclusions when it comes to the dangers of flying banner planes.

"To suggest that this accident is an indicator of a trend, or to say any two accidents are connected, would be false," said Federal Aviation Spokesman Jim Peters.

Peters did not offer any statistics about the high rate of banner plane accidents.

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