Defective Car Parts And Car Recalls | Product Liability Attorney

Perhaps no other product defect is as dangerous as a defective car part. While a defect part of other products may cause the item to break, a defective car part can cause your car to malfunction while driving at high speeds. A defective brake part, gas pedal, air bag, or frame could lead to very serious injury or even death.

Defective car parts are in the spotlight this week after automaker giant Toyota recalled millions of car that suffered from a defective accelerator that could become stuck as the car is being driven. Analysts fear that the widespread car defect could lead to a loss of consumer confidence in the popular cars – car rental companies around the country have already begun pulling affected Toyota models from their lots.

In a second car part defect recall, Honda has called in 646,000 Honda Fits due to a faulty window switch that could cause a fire if exposed to water. Finally, Chrysler has recalled a number of their new 2010 models after the car manufacturer realized that a part of the car’s brake could be defective, deformed, or missing altogether.

Some car parts that have been defective in past legal cases include seat belt failures, defective airbags, dangerous gas tanks, defective door latches, seat back failures, defective tires, malfunctioning brake parts, roof crush incidents, and ejection incidents.

If you have been injured because of defective car pat, you should report the incident immediately and talk to a lawyer who specializes in defective car par cases. You deserve compensation for your injuries – and there may be thousands or even millions of other defective car parts on the road today.

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