Estimating Your Malpractice Damage Value

It’s been four weeks since the car accident caused you to be admitted to Suburban. The accident injuries themselves weren’t that bad; a few bruises and a nasty gash on your leg that required 20 stitches, but all in all, you were lucky. That is until the next day, when the terrifying reaction to the prescribed antibiotic kicked in.

You told your doctor that you’ve had breathing problems in the past and the occasional bout of asthma, but he assured you that the medication wouldn’t affect your breathing. However, after several days of labored breathing, asthma attacks, and coughing up blood you demanded a chest x-ray—which he assured you didn’t need but instead gave you an inhaler for the issues. You later discovered that the sulfanomides in the antibiotic he prescribed actually caused pulmonary disease.

Obviously, you decided to file a malpractice claim against him, but after four weeks, the medical and treatment bills are beginning to stack up with no sign of a settlement decision in sight. You continue to put off payment, assuring the collectors that your settlement will cover them.

But how can you be sure? Is there a way to estimate the value of a potential settlement before it is awarded?

Settlement Formula for Damages

Although it can be extremely confusing to determine how much compensation you believe you should be awarded for your injury, a simple formula of X+Y = Z can be used to estimate an approximate value that should cover both your economic as well as non-economic damages.

Economic damages (X) + non-economic damages (Y) = estimated settlement (Z)

When filing your claim, an experienced lawyer will help you acquire the necessary financial documentation to determine your X (past, present, and future medical and economic bills), while he’ll compare similar past malpractice cases and use a tier system to help determine your Y (past, present, and future pain, suffering, and inconvenience damages).

Once you have a rough estimate of how much your injuries and damages are worth, your lawyer can help see to it that you’re awarded a just settlement.

Don’t allow inexperience or carelessness affect your settlement. Contact us today for the knowledge, respect and diligence you need to properly file your claim and receive the compensation you deserve. Your consultation is free, so why wait? Call now!

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