Experienced D.C. Attorney Fighting for Your Rights After a Medication Error Injury

Every year, there are approximately three billion prescriptions written for patients in the United States, helping to maintain, minimize, or cure a wide range of medical conditions. For many, taking a cocktail of multiple prescriptions each day is a part of a necessary daily routine. Although written prescriptions are a normal occurrence for many Americans, too many individuals become unfortunate victims of prescription medication errors.

Understanding the “who” and the “why” behind the mistake is crucial if you ever are injured in a prescription medication error in Washington, D.C.

Who Can Make Prescription Medication Mistakes
  • Medical doctors can prescribe dangerous or inappropriate medications to patients.
  • Nurses can administer improper medications to patients.
  • Pharmacists can improperly fill prescription orders, giving patients the wrong medications.
  • Outpatient facilities can improperly diagnose patients, or make mistakes in the recommendation and use of various medications.
  • Patients can abuse, misuse, or improperly use the medications prescribed to them, causing serious health side effects.
Why Do Prescription Medication Errors and Injuries Happen
  • Drug names can look and sound alike, yet offer extremely different medical treatments for unrelated symptoms.
  • Doctors’ handwriting can be unclear, or difficult to read, causing confusion for pharmacists and patients needing to follow specific drug usage recommendations.
  • Mixing medications, in some instances, can cause extremely dangerous health complications for patients.
  • Nurses or other health professionals can administer the wrong medication to unsuspecting patients who trust that the medication being given to them is supposed to help them get better.

Unfortunately, the majority of medications come with some side effects that all patients should be made aware of. Many of these are unavoidable. However, when unnecessary mistakes happen, causing serious medical injuries, it’s important to have an experienced D.C. medical malpractice attorney on your side to help you assert your rights.

When negligence causes prescription medication errors and injuries, those responsible should be held accountable. Call Lewis & Tompkins today to schedule a free and confidential case evaluation: 202-296-0666.

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