I recently received minor injuries in a Bethesda pedestrian accident, and the driver left the scene. Should I pursue a lawsuit?

While you were very lucky to only receive minor injuries in a Washington, D.C. area pedestrian accident, any accident (no matter the severity) becomes much more serious if the driver leaves the scene.

Most states have very similar, strict laws when it comes to accidents, whether the accident involved cars, bicycles, or pedestrians. Essentially, three rules exist for drivers involved in accidents that dictate when they must stop. If the driver:

  1. Injured a person,
  2. Killed a person, or
  3. Caused damage to property, he must stop.

Typically, if the driver follows all laws, and your injuries were minor, a simple insurance claim can often be enough to satisfy your medical needs. Complications arise, however, when they flee the scene.

A hit-and-run in which a pedestrian is injured will usually see the driver charged with a misdemeanor. In this situation, you may be able to bring a civil suit. Depending on whether the driver turned herself into police following the accident, the police may also prosecute the driver.

Regardless of the severity of your injuries, a hit-and-run accident is a serious crime. If the driver is caught or turned in, he will likely hire a lawyer to defend himself. It is always a good idea for you, as the victim, to discuss your case with a Washington, D.C. pedestrian accident lawyer.

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