I was recently injured in a Bethesda medical malpractice incident, but am unsure what I would gain by filing a suit. What do I get out of filing a medical malpractice case?

Medicine is a challenging field. People with injuries and illnesses that are often life threatening come to a doctor for help, and sometimes the doctor is unable to cure or heal the patient, resulting in the patient becoming further injured, or eventually dying. This can even happen when a doctor applies his or her full knowledge and education to treat a patient, but unfortunately, not all doctors give their all when it comes to helping their patients.

What makes a medical malpractice case difficult is that sometimes when a patient is injured further or passes away, it does not always mean that the doctor is at fault—and yet sometimes, the doctor is to blame. In that situation, the patient who suffered at the hands of the negligent doctor is entitled to compensation. Lawyers that represent victims of Washington, DC-area medical malpractice will typically pursue two or three different types of damages for their clients:

  • Special damages: These damages are to cover specific costs incurred by your Virginia or Maryland medical malpractice injury, including hospital bills, medication, and lost income.
  • General damages: These damages compensate the victim for intangible loss, such as pain and suffering, mental anguish, and loss of enjoyment of life.
  • Punitive damages: In some cases, the doctor or medical facility acted so wrongly that the victim’s lawyer will pursue these damages to punish the defendant.

Medical facilities and doctors will often have their own legal team to fight malpractice cases. If you have been injured, do not wait to call the Bethesda medical malpractice attorneys at Lewis & Tompkins at 202.296.0666. The sooner you call, the more quickly you can start to recover damages for the pain you have needlessly suffered.

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