If bike trailers are supposed to be a safe mode of transportation for children, then who’s responsible if my child is injured while riding in one behind my bicycle?

We tend to go to great measures to keep children as safe as possible while traveling. Specially fitted car seats with snuggly fitting harnesses; Custom fitted bike helmets to ensure extra protection in case of a fall; elbow pads, knee pads, and shin guards to fend off broken bones. But, despite some of our greatest protective measures, accidents still happen, and our kids can still be injured.

Bike riding is no different. Taking the time to research brands of bike trailers is one valuable way to purchase the safest model for your needs. However, if your child is still injured in a Virginia bike accident while riding in the trailer, there could be numerous parties responsible.

Bike Trailer Manufacturer

Was the frame faulty in its’ design? Was the trailer hitch defective, causing the trailer to separate from the bicycle? Were the proper reflectors or warning flags provided with the bike trailer at the time of purchase? Each of these factors could contribute to a bike accident that could cause serious injury to your child. An attorney can have experts study the trailer and determine if faulty design was the primary cause of your child’s injuries.

Other Motorists

Did the accident happen due to another motorist’s negligence? If another vehicle was involved in the accident, you may have grounds to take legal action against the driver.

Are you responsible?

No matter how many safety precautions one may take, there’s always the chance that one slip-up could result in a bike accident-related injury. Did you properly follow the assembly instructions when putting together the bike trailer? Did you follow the recommended weight and age guidelines when transporting a child?

These are all questions that a skilled bike accident attorney will ask you to help determine fault for your child’s bike accident injuries. The answers could show that more than one party was negligent, and should be held accountable.

If you have further questions concerning your child’s bike accident-related injuries, our Virginia personal injury attorneys at Lewis & Tompkins may be able to answer your questions and help you assert your legal rights. Schedule your free consultation today by calling 202-296-0666.

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