Look No Further Than Car Tires as a Possible Cause for Your Maryland Car Crash

When heading out for a car ride, whether long or short, it’s common for drivers to make a mental checklist of things to do. Pick a radio station; check the gas gauge, figure out directions; make sure everything is ready to go. Too often, drivers fail to think about one essential, but frequently overlooked, factor that can prevent car accidents from happening- well maintained car tires.

The condition of a car’s tires can cause a Maryland car accident, and motorist injuries.

  • Excessive wear on tire tread can cause tire explosions, causing drivers to have difficulty controlling the vehicle.
  • Lack of proper tread depth can decrease a car’s ability to quickly brake.
  • Damaged or defective tire valve stems can cause air leaks.
  • Nails, rocks, or road debris can cause tire punctures.
  • Improper tire pressure, combined with extreme weather conditions like heat or cold, can damage a tire or affect balance and rotation.

A car’s tires directly affect the ease in which a driver can steer and brake a car. When the integrity of a tire is compromised, and driver control is decreased, the risk for a car accident increases. Fortunately, many of these risks can be prevented by proper tire maintenance, replacement, or rotation- all simple and relatively inexpensive actions that motorists can take to be safe on the road.

Even the process of changing a tire can be dangerous, putting drivers in harm’s way. Passing traffic can hit motorists attempting to change a flat tire along the side of the road. And, cars can slip off jacks, injuring motorists attempting to change a tire.

In some cases, faulty, defective, or poorly maintained tires are the direct cause of car accidents. It’s possible your Maryland car accident case could be one of these examples of negligence. If you were injured in car accident in Maryland, our attorneys at Lewis & Tompkins may be able to help you assert your rights. Call 202-296-0666 today to speak with an experienced D.C. personal injury attorney about your car crash—we offer a free case evaluation.

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