Men at Work: How to Avoid a Car Accident in a Washington, D.C. Construction Zone

It seems that every time one big construction project ends, another one begins. Drivers all over Washington D.C. are constantly faced with construction zones scattered around the city. There are dangers looming within each of these construction zones, and if drivers do not take care a serious car accident could happen.

Smart Driving Tips in Construction Areas

Driving through areas where men are at work requires that you take extra precautions. The next time you find yourself behind the wheel in one of these areas, remember these five important tips:

  • Follow the rules. It might seem obvious, but many drivers try to make their own rules when going through construction areas. Follow the rules put in place so that you can do your part to keep the flow of traffic orderly and safe.
  • Pretend the workers don’t see you. Workers are distracted by the job at hand when you go through construction zones. You might think that you are obvious when you drive through—but you might not be. Pretend the workers don’t see you and take any extra precautions you need to when driving near men at work.
  • Drive the speed limit. It might seem like you are driving painstakingly slow, but the speed limit is there for a reason. Driving faster will only shave a few seconds off your time. Drive the speed limit and keep everyone around you safer.
  • Stay within the lanes. Construction zones are often confusing. Be careful to stay within your correct lane so that you do not cause a collision.
  • Put all distractions away. Distracted driving is extra dangerous in construction areas. Put down your coffee, put away your food, and do not look at your cell phone. Stay completely distraction-free with both hands on the wheel in these areas.

Accidents that happen in construction zones can have serious consequences. With the number of people at work, cyclists trying to get through these narrow areas, and cars driving close together accidents can happen in a split second.

If you are injured in a construction zone accident, Washington D.C. lawyers at Lewis & Tompkins might be able to help. Contact us to learn more about how we can help you pick up the pieces after an accident.

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