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Virginia Road Rage: Learn The Risks And Harmful Outcomes

Anger behind the wheel isn’t as harmless as one might think. In a moment’s notice, road rage can change from heated emotion to a deadly killer, causing catastrophic injuries or even death in a Virginia car accident.

Road rage happens when one driver attacks or assaults another driver with a vehicle or other dangerous weapon as a result of something that happened on the road.

  • Aggression causes a motorist to deliberately drive in a reckless and risky manner out of annoyance in a situation on the road. This can be witnessed through excessive speeding, cutting off other drivers, needlessly braking in front of other drivers, erratic swerving between lanes, refusing to yield to other drivers, and ignoring posted traffic signs or signals.
  • Distractions, like yelling or taunting other drivers in anger, regardless of whether or not they can even hear you, can be very dangerous. Drivers can become easily consumed by their circumstances, and stop paying attention to road safety and external conditions. Anytime a driver is distracted while behind the wheel, the chance of getting into a car accident increases, and drivers are put at risk of being seriously injured.
  • Physical fighting or other altercations can ultimately result from unchecked road rage. Stoplights can become dangerous, allowing drivers the opportunity to exit their vehicles, or roll down their windows to make threats, all in an effort of “putting the other driver in his/her place.” Drivers may even use their personal vehicles as a tool for revenge, intentionally causing fender-benders or minor accidents that may end up causing more harm than intended.

When irritation at other drivers turns into dangerous behavior behind the wheel, unnecessary accidents can result, causing catastrophic injuries and loss for all parties involved. If you were injured in a Virginia car accident caused by another driver’s road rage, you may be entitled to compensation to cover your medical expenses, damages, and loss. Our skilled car crash lawyers proudly serve Virginia, Maryland, and the D.C. area, and are here to answer your questions and help you assert your legal rights. Fill out an online form today or call Lewis & Tompkins to schedule your free consultation: 202-296-0666.