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Are there cases when the driver in front is held responsible for a rear-end collision in D.C.?

Figuring out who’s at fault after any car accident can be tricky, and often met with resistance from all parties involved in a collision. Although the car traveling behind is often responsible for causing a rear-end car collision, assigning fault is not always so cut-and-dry. The trick to determining who’s responsible for causing the crash is figuring out which driver was careless or negligent, or disobeyed common traffic laws.

Who’s At Fault: The Driver From Behind

This is commonly found in D.C. rear-end car collisions that happen at stoplights, in construction zones, school zones, and in stop-and-go traffic on roadways. In many of these cases, the motorist that hits the car from behind is found at fault.

Who’s At Fault: The Driver in Front

In some cases, the driver in front may be responsible for causing a rear-end collision if:

  • The driver in front was improperly backing up in the middle of a roadway, or from a driveway, parking lot, or alley and hit your car while you were driving.
  • The driver pulls out into oncoming traffic-turning either right or left- without having the right-of-way, and then you run into the back of the car.

Who’s At Fault: Multiple Parties May Be Partially At-Fault

Witness testimony can help establish a scenario where the driver in front suddenly stopped to avoid another car accident, hitting an animal, or stopped negligently out of anger or road rage. Sometimes, this causes a multi-car traffic accident. Depending on the circumstances, both parties may be considered at fault for different reasons.

No matter whether you feel you were at fault or not after a D.C. rear-end auto accident, it’s crucial to speak with a knowledgeable car accident attorney about your rights, and whether the evidence supports any at-fault claims. Our experienced Maryland, Virginia and D.C. car accident attorneys have a history of successfully seeking justice for injured victims of catastrophic car accidents, and we may be able to help you, too. We’re available to talk, free of charge, by scheduling a case evaluation. Call 202-296-0666 today.