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I want to avoid a car accident, but there are some really bad drivers on the road. What is the best way to avoid a traffic accident with dangerous drivers on the road?

With hundreds of thousands of residents, employees in transit and tourists driving around the Washington, D.C., metro area, you’re bound to come across numerous bad drivers on the road. Avoiding a D.C. car accident may seem impossible, especially since so many people just don’t seem to know what they’re doing on the road. However, the key to remember is that you can’t control other drivers’ actions, but you can control yours.

What simple steps can you take?

  • Allowing yourself more travel time when possible can reduce stress behind the wheel.
  • Back off, and give yourself plenty of room around drivers who weave, swerve, or change speeds sporadically
  • Allow other drivers to merge around you. This can reduce traffic jams and eliminates other drivers forcing their vehicles in front of yours.
  • Avoiding distractions like cell phone use, loud music, and noisy passengers allows you to pay closer attention to the road and the drivers around you.
  • You have the option to report dangerous drivers in Virginia, Maryland, and Washington, D.C, through the Smooth Operator Program. By calling the numbers for each region, you can report drivers who tailgate, speed, run red lights, weave, or cut off others on the road. Each agency will respond accordingly to the reports, but each year, thousands of citations have been issued to dangerous drivers, resulting in more than 3.5 million drivers being cited since the program’s inception in the late 1990’s.

Unfortunately, even if you drive responsibly, car accidents caused by negligent drivers can still happen. If this happens to you, having a dedicated and experienced D.C. car accident attorney can help you assert your legal rights, and help give you some peace of mind that justice will be served. Call Lewis & Tompkins today at 202-296-0666 or email to schedule your free case evaluation.