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I was injured in a parking lot car accident recently, and my car was damaged

Aside from taking legal action against the responsible driver, can I file a lawsuit against the store or property owner who took care of the parking lot?

Determining whether you can take legal action against the lot owner after a parking lot car accident in Maryland hinges on the answers to a few specific questions. A personal injury attorney may ask you these questions, and other similar questions, to determine any and all possible parties that may have contributed to your parking lot crash.

Some of the contributing factors to consider may include:

  • Inclement weather – Did the lot owner adequately remove snow or ice from the parking lot? If these conditions caused your accident, the owner could be at least partially responsible for your accident.
  • Lighting – Was there enough lighting in the parking lot to provide essential visibility during nighttime or early morning hours? Without proper lighting, drivers can crash into stationary objects like poles, parked cars, walls, or even utility units like air conditioners, heaters, or generators.
  • Signage and speed bumps – Lot owners have a responsibility to keep patrons safe, to a reasonable extent, while parking or driving through the lots. If a parking lot has a history of numerous accidents happening there, then a few strategically placed safety mechanisms, like signs or speed bumps, can help reduce the risk of traffic accidents and increase the safe flow of traffic.

At Lewis & Tompkins, we proudly represent car accident victims throughout Virginia, Maryland, and the Washington, D.C., area, and we may be able to help you receive justice after a parking lot accident. We believe that you deserve fair and complete compensation for your injuries, and we will exhaust every possible measure to ensure justice for even the most difficult of cases. Please contact us right away to get answers to your parking lot-related car accident questions.