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I was recently involved in a Maryland car crash and was badly injured

The other driver’s insurance company claimed that the driver was not at fault and that defective tires on the car caused the accident. How can a car crash attorney help me understand what to do now?

Talking with an experienced vehicle accident attorney is always the best thing to do after a Maryland car crash. Often, insurance companies can spend months or years battling accident claim cases, and accident victims find themselves caught in the middle of a frustrating situation.

A skilled accident attorney has the knowledge, resources, and experience needed to collect evidence, gather witness testimony and fight for victims’ rights when insurance companies seem to be more concerned with the bottom dollar.

Tire failure (and any other auto manufacturer defect) can contribute to an accident. Other factors contributing to accidents include:

  • Car maintenance – Was the owner driving on tires that were worn “bald,” not having any tire tread left on them? What was the tire pressure at the time of the accident? The condition of the tire (or another car part) can cause part failure, resulting in a car accident.
  • Manufacturer defects are a reality – Tire rubber can separate from the rim in poorly constructed tires due to excessive rubbing of the tire against the road. Defective valve stems can fail to control the amount of air that enters or leaves the tire and may cause tire pressure issues. Other manufacturer defects could cause tire walls to fail, putting motorists in danger of a car crash.
  • Human factors – Did the driver of the responsible car run over any nails or debris prior to the accident that could have caused the tire wall to fail? What was the vehicle speed at the time of the accident? Were there any abnormal road conditions that contributed to the car accident?

When a part of a vehicle fails and causes a motor vehicle accident, there could be any number of factors responsible. A car accident lawyer with the skill and dedication to discovering the truth can help uncover the evidence needed to help you prove your case in court, and receive the financial compensation you may deserve.

At Lewis & Tompkins, we have the complete combination of experience, commitment and knowledge needed to diligently pursue a motor vehicle accident lawsuit in Virginia or Maryland. A free consultation with one of our compassionate and skilled attorneys is available to you by making one simple phone call today: 202-296-0666.