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Most wrong-way driving accidents that happen are head-on collisions. What are the most common injuries associated with head-on auto collisions?

Since wrong-way car accidents typically involve head-on collisions that happen at high speeds, many might consider surviving one of these types of catastrophic car accidents a miracle. If you are fortunate enough to survive a wrong-way collision, it is likely that you could experience any number of serious injuries- many of which could require months or years of rehabilitation or therapy throughout the recovery process. Because of this, it’s important to talk with a skilled Virginia vehicle accident attorney to help you understand what your legal choices could be.

Common Injuries Associated With Head-On Car Collisions

When two vehicles collide with each other, head-on, the impact or force of the collision can be devastating on a body that is suddenly thrust into a steering wheel, dashboard, windshield, or passenger seat.

  • Traumatic Brain Injuries can cause permanent brain damage, as well as impaired speech, vision, motor function, and cognitive abilities, or memory loss.
  • Serious Head Injuries can include skull fractures, eye or ear injuries that cause blindness or deafness, or dental injuries.
  • Back Injuries from whiplash may include damaged disks or vertebrae, or even serious spinal cord injuries. This could result in partial or complete paralysis of one or more limbs, or even an entire portion of the body.
  • Lacerations from broken glass.
  • Broken or crushed bones.

Any of these injuries could have serious, lifelong effects on victims of wrong-way crashes in Virginia. Although no amount of money can completely undo the effects of a catastrophic injury, receiving the fair and full compensation you are entitled to can help alleviate the financial burden that may come as a result. Contact the experienced car accident lawyers at Lewis & Tompkins today for your free consultation: 202-296-0666.