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My friend was just seriously injured in a rollover accident in Virginia. Now I’m worried. What can I do if I’m ever an accident like this?

Rollover car wrecks are some of the most frightening accidents on the road. Like any other accident, they can happen in a matter of seconds. When they do, and your car goes spinning off the road, you are left frozen in fear, dreading each turn of the vehicle.

Tips To Keep You Safer In A Virginia Rollover Accident

Your friend probably does not remember much about the accident. Often, wrecks like leave only a fast blur of hazy, confused impressions.

You’re smart to want to review some ways that you can stay safe in case the same thing happens to you. The more you review this safety information, the more likely it is that you will remember it if you ever experience a crash.

  • Wear your seat belt. This is the best safety measure you can take to avoid serious or catastrophic injury in a rollover accident. People who do not wear their seat belts can get tossed around or ejected from the vehicle. This can cause severe and catastrophic injuries. With your seat belt securely fastened, you have a better chance of staying safe and minimizing the severity of your injuries.
  • Cross your arms. As two of the tires come off the ground, you might instinctively brace yourself against the steering wheel, window or frame of the car. Instead, try to remember to cross your arms across your chest and brace yourself with a bear hug. This will help you avoid stress fractures and broken bones from impact as the car rolls.
  • Remain calm. Once the vehicle stops turning, take a deep breath. You survived. Try to keep taking full breaths and relax as much as you can until help arrives. As hard as it might be, try to avoid worrying about what happened and focus on staying as relaxed as possible.
  • Leave the vehicle. If it is possible, exit your vehicle. In some cases staying in the vehicle could lead to further injury. If you cannot move, breathe deeply and wait for help to arrive.
  • Seek help away from traffic. If you do exit your vehicle, try to get help away from traffic. Do not step into the road to flag someone down, as that could cause another accident if the driver is not paying attention.

Once you seek medical help, call a Virginia rollover accident attorney at Lewis & Tompkins. We will work with you to get to the bottom of what happened, so you can focus on recovering and not have to worry about paperwork and battling insurance adjusters.