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Maryland’s Motorcycle Laws And Helmet Laws

Motorcycle laws, such as helmet laws and lane sharing laws, vary from state to state – and they are important for both bikers and non-bikers alike to know and understand in order to prevent motorcycle accidents. Are you familiar with Maryland’s motorcycle laws?

  • All motorcycle riders are required by law to wear a helmet while driving on Maryland’s streets, roads, highways, and interstates. Off-road dirt bikers are not required to wear helmets.
  • In the same way, all on-road motorcycle riders are required to wear eye protection while driving their bikes (unless their motorcycle is equipped with a windscreen. However, dirt bike riders and off-road riders are not required to wear eye protection.
  • Maryland bikers are not required to use their headlight during the day. However, most traffic safety experts agree that using your headlight during the day decreases your chances of a motorcycle accident and helps other vehicles see you on the road.
  • A passenger seat and passenger footrest are both required if you are carrying a passenger.
  • Helmet speakers are legal for motorcycles as long as they are in one ear only. Many agree that helmet speakers make it difficult for riders to hear the traffic around them and cause biker accidents. Earplugs, with certain specific exceptions, are prohibited by law.
  • A muffler is required by law.
  • Motorcycle handlebars cannot go more than 15 inches about the rider’s seat.
  • Lane sharing — motorcycles riding two abreast in one lane — is legal in Maryland.
  • Lane splitting — driving on the line between two other occupied lanes in order to pass — is illegal.