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I was injured in a recent motorcycle accident in Montgomery County

But, I’m an experienced biker, and I’m sure I followed all of the proper safety precautions. What are the most common motorcycle defects for bikes on the market right now?

Your motorcycle accident could be caused by a wide variety of reasons. Without offering definitive information on a singular case — since every case is unique — one of the important bits of information that may be helpful to know is what motorcycle recalls have been prevalent during 2013.

Four of the leading defects have been common throughout numerous makes and models of bikes. One of the first steps you can take would be to see if your bike happens to be on the list of recalled motorcycles with defective products. If this is the case, an experienced personal injury attorney can help you move forward with a case, if warranted, against the bike manufacturer.

Leading Motorcycle Recalls In 2013

  • Service Brakes – Multiple models of motorcycles were manufactured with defective service brakes. This error affects the front braking ability of these motorcycles and could cause serious accidents and/or injuries.
  • Power Train: Manual Transmission – Gear problems with the manual transmission on these motorcycles can cause confusion for the bike operator. The rider may think the bike is in neutral when it’s actually in another gear. If this happens, the bike could move unexpectedly.
  • Turn Signals – Electrical problems with the turn signal mechanisms on several models can prevent the signals from working properly.
  • Suspension: Front – This is a significant problem for many motorcycle models because if the front suspension were to go out while the bike is in use, the operator could lose all control of the motorcycle and crash.

Did you know that manufacturers have a responsibility to notify registered owners of their products when a recall is in place so repairs can be made immediately? If your motorcycle is registered to you, and you did not receive notice of a recall or potentially defective piece of equipment, then the manufacturer could possibly be held liable if you’re injured as a result.

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