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I was recently injured in a motorcycle accident, and the insurance companies are fighting over fault. Why is it so difficult to assign fault after a D.C. motorcycle accident?

Because of the complex nature of motorcycle riding and accidents, determining fault for a motorcycle accident in Washington, D.C., is often difficult and filled with contention. Unfortunately, many motorists don’t view motorcycles on the same level as other vehicles like cars, trucks, or vans. Motorcycles, and their riders, can often be ignored or underestimated on the roadway, causing serious bike accidents.

On the other side of the spectrum is the reality that some motorcyclists drive recklessly, excessively speeding, lane-splitting, or riding in large groups that can intimidate other motorists. Because of the numerous opinions and stereotypes on both sides, determining fault after an accident can become extremely complicated.

Common Motorist Errors

  • Making left turns against oncoming motorcyclists, or attempting to merge into a lane in front of oncoming motorcycles
  • Failing to allow adequate distance between vehicles and motorcycles, resulting in “clipping” the bike while changing lanes or vehicle speeds

Common Motorcyclist Errors

  • Excessive speeding
  • Risky riding habits like lane-splitting or filtering

In the aftermath of a motorcycle accident, motorists and insurance companies may try to place blame on the biker, even though accident-fault against the car driver may seem obvious. Insurance “experts” may try to argue that motorcyclist failed to slow down quickly enough or were not visible enough to avoid the accident. A responding officer’s opinions regarding motorcycles and their riders may also impact initial accident reports.

However, at Lewis & Tompkins, we know that fault in your Washington, D.C., motorcycle accident case cannot be simply determined by opinions or claims. The facts and the evidence will almost always show who was responsible. The experience and tenacity of a skilled motorcycle accident attorney can help you seek the justice and financial compensation you may deserve for your accident injuries.

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