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If I am involved in a motorcycle accident, should I try to settle with the insurance company first before contacting a D.C. motorcycle accident attorney?

Most of us have insurance so we can rest assured that in case of trouble, our backs are covered. The first thought that we all have after hearing that a friend was in an accident is usually, “At least the other driver has insurance!” The reality is, however, that insurance is not any form of assurance that you will be taken care of in your time of need.

Despite the entire purpose of the insurance industry is to protect its paying customers and the people that its customers cause damage to or injure, the simple fact is that insurance companies are businesses with a bottom line. If these companies made a habit out of paying out fair and substantial claims, it would be unlikely that the business would survive at all.

By attempting to speak to or handle the insurance companies at all, you are potentially entering yourself in a risky situation. Divulging too much information about your motorcycle accident in Maryland is only giving the insurance companies fuel to prove that you deserve less money than the amount to which you are entitled. Accepting any amount of money may prevent you from seeking more money should your injuries or damage prove worse than initially thought.

Speaking to a district-area motorcycle lawyer does not automatically rope you into going through a long, drawn-out trial. In fact, bringing a lawyer into the picture as early as possible can help you wrap up your claim even sooner. To find out if we can help you with your accident, talk to our Washington, D.C., Virginia, and Maryland motorcycle accident attorneys at Lewis & Tompkins now — call us at 202-296-0666 for a free consultation.