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What to Do When You Have Been Injured in a Washington, D.C., Motorcycle Accident — and You Were a Passenger

Now that summer weather is scorching the east coast, one of the few perks of the cloudless, sunny days is the ability to jump on a motorcycle and speed off into the sunset (or rather, drive off at a safe and reasonable pace). Of course, for the many who do not have motorcycles, hopping on the back of a friend’s bike is a pretty decent alternative.

The chances are that your friend or family member driving the motorcycle will go a little slower and be extra careful with a passenger on the back. Unfortunately, however, the way that other drivers behave is unavoidable and even the most skilled motorcyclists can make mistakes; odds are that several motorcyclists and their passengers will be involved in a D.C., Virginia, or Maryland motorcycle accident this summer.

Taking A Moment To Focus On Passengers

Most law firms — including ours — tend to focus on motorcycle operators as the victims in motorcycle accidents. This can make it difficult for passengers who were injured to know what to do.

Passengers who are injured in motorcycle accidents usually go through the same process as motorcycle drivers. Dealing with insurance companies and trying to recover money for lost wages, time away from work, and pain and suffering is equally as difficult for both parties.

The extra challenge facing passengers is that there may be two different insurance companies responsible for covering your claims — your own company and that of your friend or family member. This can often scare passengers away from filing a personal injury claim with a Washington, D.C., motorcycle accident attorney, fearing that their friend who was driving the motorcycle will be punished if he or she was responsible for the accident.

Rest assured, however, that any legal action taken in order to maximize your compensation is not directed at your friend, it is exclusively aimed at his or her insurance company. And taking legal action against their insurance company will not raise their premiums beyond any increases that may have occurred as a result of causing the accident. If another car’s driver is responsible, the same holds true for their insurance policies and premiums.

Call Us — We Can Help

Being tangled up in a legal matter that involves a close friend or family member can get complicated if it is not handled delicately, but at Lewis & Tompkins, our Maryland and Virginia motorcycle accident attorneys can help you navigate your case to maximize your compensation and preserve your relationship with the driver of the bike. If you have been injured, do not wait to act — call us today at 202-296-0666 for a free consultation.