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Bethesda Bicycle Accident Attorneys Share Secrets Of The Road: How You, As A Cyclist, Can Be King Of The Road

Much of what injury lawyers focus on revolves around how you, as the victim, are at a disadvantage. As a driver, as a medical patient, and as a pedestrian, many lawyers will try to scare you into thinking that you are helpless and alone without them.

As Washington, D.C., bicycle accident lawyers, what we want you to know is that you are far from the bottom of the traffic food chain as a cyclist — in fact, armed with the right knowledge, you can be crowned “king of the road” on your two wheels.

Of course, realistically speaking, you are at a physical disadvantage. You are small and exposed, compared to the multiple tons of metal with which you share the road, and if drivers are negligent, it can be very difficult to defend yourself.

Being small, however, is not entirely a disadvantage — quite the opposite, in fact. On a bicycle, you are small and maneuverable. You can stop on a dime and steer quickly to avoid obstacles. You can see practically everything around you, while cars have significant blind spots.

Avoiding Cycling Accidents By Using Your Strengths As A Defense

Because of your superior maneuverability and ability to see all around you, you have a heavy responsibility on your shoulders. You have to ride proactively, and that means riding with your senses heightened and all sensors firing. From looking at the mirrors of parked cars for drivers who may swing their doors open, to being alert, to brake lights and turn signals, your sensitivity to the “little things” is what will keep you riding another day.

Driving a car automatically removes or dulls many of your senses — you gain blind spots and will rarely hear what is going on in your immediate area. As a cyclist, however, your exposure to the environment can help you if you choose to use the extra information available to you. Can you hear a nearby car’s brakes? Did a vehicle behind you rev its engine? This information could save your commute — or your life.

Your Ally In Distress: The Bethesda Cycling Accident Lawyers

Regardless of your ability to ride proactively, the reality is that if you follow the rules of the road and ride safely, you have done your job. With that simple approach, if you are injured while riding, you will likely be able to recover your damages. The Bethesda bicycle accident lawyers at Lewis & Tompkins are here to help you get what is rightfully yours — call today at 202-296-0666 to find out how.