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Bicycle Safety Tips For Kids

For children, riding their bicycles around the neighborhood or to school can be a joyful time and a cherished childhood memory. But each year hundreds of children are killed or seriously injured in bicycle accidents. What can you teach your child about bicycle safety in Maryland, Virginia, and Washington, D.C.?

  • Be aware of your surroundings. This may be the most important rule for your child to understand while biking. Especially since children have often not yet learned to carefully observe their environment, it is vital to let them know that they should have their ears and eyes open at all times while riding their bike – even if it’s just in the neighborhood cul-de-sac.
  • Wear a helmet. In some cases, a child can do nothing to prevent a bicycle accident, and in these cases, it is important that he or she is protected where it counts most. Wearing a helmet that fits right and is the right size can be the difference between a bicycle accident with minor injuries and a fatal bicycle accident.
  • Keep control of your bicycle. This means keeping two hands on your bicycle at all times and keeping items like books or toys in a book bag.
  • Don’t ride your bike at night. Even when wearing reflectors and a bike light, young children can be difficult to see at night. Stay off your bike and off the roads after dusk.
  • Avoid high traffic areas. The more cars that are on the street when you are riding bikes, the more dangerous it is. Keep your riding limited to quiet neighborhoods, empty parking lots, public land, or other safe places.