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Common Causes Of Pedestrian Accidents

We’ve all done it before; you’re walking along an ordinary sidewalk talking to your friends about the Orioles game or what you did at the Tap Room last night, and all of a sudden — as if in slow motion — you trip on a piece of gravel and face-plant into the grass.

Hopefully, the only thing hurt was your pride when your friends took pictures and posted them on Facebook. However, for a great many people, these types of pedestrian accidents cause far more damage than a bruised ego. Between sidewalk injuries, traffic-related injuries, and bike injuries, an average of 100,000 people a year are injured and killed in pedestrian accidents as a result of poor awareness.

Pedestrian Injury Cause And Effect

Many factors can contribute to an accident; however, by staying alert for these potential risk factors, it’s possible to guard yourself against some of the accidents and avoid injury.

  • Broken sidewalks and uneven partitions can cause walkers and bicyclists to fall or stumble, which can lead to sprained ankles, concussions, bumps and bruises or severe injuries if it causes the victim to fall into traffic.
  • Poor visibility or lack of awareness doesn’t affect only a pedestrian’s vision — motor vehicle drivers can also become engines of destruction when they can’t see what lies ahead. You can’t avoid what you can’t see, obviously, so some travel situations (evening gloom, heavy rain, or external distractions) require greater attentiveness.
  • Intoxication of either pedestrian, biker, or driver can cause erratic behavior and put everyone involved in harm’s way.
  • Lack of common sense and distracted travel. It’s so easy to become distracted by your phone, by other people, and by nature itself. When you’re not paying attention to the potential dangers around you or you’re purposefully ignoring them for your own reasons (speeding because you’re late, crossing against traffic because you don’t want to wait), you not only put yourself at risk but others as well.

Don’t be a statistic! Pay attention, be cautious, stay safe and share this page with your loved ones to help promote safety awareness and help decrease pedestrian injuries and fatalities.

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