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David Tompkins provides tips to keep children safe around cars and in your neighborhood.

Summertime is here. Kids are out of school. Let’s work together to keep kids safe.

Kids dart into streets or through parking lots, creating dangers for themselves and drivers. Kids don’t always think to look both ways before crossing the street or walking through a parking lot, or often not carefully enough. Here are some important safety tips to keep kids safe this summer:

1) Drive with extra care during the summer months, when kids can dart out in front of your car at any hour of the day.

2) Allow yourself plenty of time to get where you’re going. If you’re rushed, you’ll be more likely to speed and less focused on driving safely.

3) Drive with your headlights on during the day. They may be the extra warning a child needs to avoid your vehicle.

4) As you travel through neighborhoods, assume that a child will run out into the street. It will change the way you drive.

5) Do away with distractions. Put away your phone and any other electronic devices. And turn down your radio to increase the likelihood of hearing any kids in the area.

6) Kids dying in hot cars is a preventable seasonal danger. Do not leave your kids in the car on hot days. Drivers should always check the car for young passengers on hot summer days and lock the doors to keep kids from playing inside.

7) Make sure your child is properly restrained. Children under 8 must ride in an appropriate restraint (car seats, booster seats or federally approved safety devices) unless the child is 4 feet, 9 inches or taller.

Every child who is not secured in a child restraint must be secured in a vehicle seat belt.