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Insurance Policies: What’s Protecting You In A Virginia Or Maryland Bicycle Accident?

When you are driving your car and become involved in an accident, it is generally very easy to determine how your medical bills and auto repair costs will be covered. If you caused the accident, you know that your own auto insurance policy will step up and foot the bill for both your damages and the damages the other driver incurred. If the other driver caused the crash, that driver’s insurance will cover the costs (assuming, of course, that driver is properly insured).

So what happens when you are involved in a bicycle accident in Virginia, Maryland or Washington, D.C.? Unlike your car, you generally do not carry proof of insurance with you while cycling, so it is difficult to pinpoint exactly who or what you will be challenging for compensation if you are injured on your bike because of another driver’s negligence.

Now if you were cycling and momentarily lost your balance, falling and spraining your wrist, you would seek out your own health insurance policy to cover your medical expenses. Just like any other accident, however, if your injuries are caused by another person’s negligence, that person is — by law — required to pay for it.

Example: A Bethesda Biking Accident With High Medical Bills

Tom was out biking in Bethesda on Saturday morning, trying to take advantage of the unusually warm, spring-like day. As he approached an intersection, he checked to make sure that he had a green light (he did) and proceeded to pedal straight through the intersection. Unfortunately, the oncoming vehicle did not spot him and made a left-hand turn, hitting Tom. Tom’s bicycle was totaled, and he sustained serious neck injuries and several broken bones.

Luckily for Tom, the other driver was insured, so his medical bills were covered—but not completely. You see, the other driver’s liability insurance had a limit of $50,000, and the total costs of Tom’s medical bills, lost wages and suffering were measured at $63,000. This leaves Tom’s own health insurance, or even homeowner’s insurance, responsible for covering the rest of the damage.

Get Covered: Maryland And Virginia Bicycle Accident Lawyers

Hopefully, Tom’s situation does not sound familiar to you, but if it does, you know how challenging and frustrating it can be to get suitable compensation for serious injuries when the other driver is at fault, and maybe even underinsured. Because your own insurance may have to get involved, the costs for you may get even higher.

This is why it is so important to not only have a strong insurance policy for yourself, but also an experienced lawyer who can help protect that policy, as well as protect you. The Washington, D.C., bicycle accident attorneys at Lewis & Tompkins are well-versed in Maryland, Virginia and D.C. area bicycle injury litigation, and can help you ensure that your bills are covered by the party responsible.

If you or a loved one has been injured on a bicycle because of another person’s negligence, you deserve compensation — call today at 202-296-0666 to find out how Lewis & Tompkins can help.