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Seven Injuries That Could Ruin Your Walk

Spring has finally made it to D.C. and with it warm weather, ice-free sidewalks and the burning need to get out of your house and soak up the sun. Your children are more willing to walk to school, your spouse is determined to ride a bike to work, and you and your family can resume your after-dinner walks around Battery Kemble.

However, although you may now have a renewed sense of outdoor freedom, if you’re not careful, your walks can be ruined by one of several common pedestrian injuries.

Traumatic Pedestrian Injuries

While some walking accidents can result in minor cuts, bumps or bruises, others have the potential to cause serious harm that could threaten your life. Depending on how, where and with what type of force you were injured, these injuries can range anywhere from broken limbs to debilitating brain damage and even to death:

  • Blood loss
  • Trip and fall contusions and torn ligaments
  • Broken bones and fractures of the upper and lower body, including broken ribs, pelvis, arms, and legs
  • Head, neck and brain damage (severity ranges depending on impact force)
  • Spinal injuries
  • Internal bleeding
  • Death as a result of head trauma, broken necks, crushing and internal trauma

According to the National Highway Safety Administration, an average of 100,000 pedestrians are injured or killed in traffic and nontraffic related accidents each year. This is a staggering number that unfortunately increases every year; this is why it’s important to stay safe and alert while walking and to know your medical options and legal rights following a serious pedestrian accident.

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