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Were You Involved In A Minor D.C.-Area Bicycle Accident? Bethesda Bicycle Accident Attorneys Tell You Why You May Still Have A Case

At Lewis & Tompkins, we often hear from potential bike accident clients that are curious as to whether or not they have a case. The reason for their uncertainty is that the accident in which they were involved may have been somewhat minor, resulting in minimal damage to their bike or the car — and sometimes, the accident involved evasive maneuvers that prevented any contact at all.

What is often a common thread in all of these minor accidents is that the cyclist suffered a head injury, most often a concussion. While concussions have become well known to many in the past few decades, recent findings are discovering how concussions affect individuals differently—and how serious even a minor concussion can be in the long run.

Bicycle Accident Head Injuries: When A Minor Accident Becomes Serious

Head injuries are some of the most common injuries suffered in biking accidents, and with a bicyclist’s vulnerability to larger, faster vehicles, it is no surprise how even a minor accident can end disastrously.

The typical car-vs.-bike accident typically involves the cyclist being thrown from their bicycle and striking the pavement. Even with a helmet on, the force with which the cyclist’s head hits the pavement is often strong enough to result in a concussion.

While we often hear about concussions, which usually seem to heal quickly, recent findings suggest that a percentage of concussions will continue to affect the victim, including:

  • Long-term headaches
  • Decreased mobility or dexterity on one side of the body
  • Psychological effects, including depression

Unfortunately, because of the commonality of concussions, many people disregard the gravity of a head injury and continue on with their daily lives, only to regret not pursuing a more thorough look at the damage incurred.

If you have been in even a minor accident that has left you with a concussion, you may have suffered more internal damage than even your personal doctor is able to pinpoint. Though you may be hesitant to pursue a more detailed diagnosis, head injuries are nothing to trifle with — and if someone else caused your crash that resulted in your head injury, it is their responsibility to compensate your medical treatments.

If you have been injured in even a seemingly minor bicycle accident, contact the Maryland and Virginia bicycle accident lawyers at Lewis & Tompkins at 202-296-0666 to discuss your case. Your no-obligation consultation can help you discover how strong your case is and the type of compensation you may be eligible to receive.