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Winter Bike Riding In Metro-D.C. And Maryland Can Still Be Safe And Fun

For many people, the first sign of falling snowflakes become a hint to put the bike away for the winter. The thought of a morning commute on two wheels in freezing temperatures may seem unheard of for many. However, winter bike riding can still be an enjoyable, cost-effective form of transportation … even in blustery conditions.

But, the key to avoiding a serious winter-weather bike accident may be in changing some established biking habits to fit with the weather conditions outside.

Change Your Habits To Prevent A Winter Weather Biking Accident

  • Consider how and where to ride. Places that are safe to ride in spring or summer months may not be safe during the colder, darker, winter months.
  • Riding up against the curb is dangerous. Snow, ice, and salt accumulate along the curb, creating uneven surfaces that can be unsafe for bicycles on the road. “Taking the lane” can be the most effective way to stay safe when riding with traffic on the road.
  • Bike riders must also rely on motorists to exercise responsible driving behaviors in winter weather. Cars almost always win out against cyclists in collisions. Slippery roads and unplowed streets can reduce motor vehicle predictability in winter weather. Drivers who can’t control their own vehicles on slippery roads are at a greater risk of hitting cyclists riding in the streets. It’s vital that cyclists pay extra close attention to what cars around them are doing on the road. By observing their driving habits, and adjusting accordingly, cyclists may prevent a cycling accident before it has a chance to happen.

At Lewis & Tompkins, we hope that every bicycle ride you take is a safe and enjoyable one. Even in the harsh winter weather, you can still take advantage of the many benefits of cycling. But, if you do, please take the time and care to be safe on the roads. Winter weather provides a perfect opportunity for serious bicycling accidents to occur.

Have questions about winter bike riding or biking accidents in Maryland and the D.C.-metro area? Please feel free to contact us. We’re here to help you understand and protect your legal rights.