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Without properly cleared paths and lanes, cyclists will be forced to ride on dangerous, slick streets, in the midst of heavy flowing traffic

Does the D.C. metro area actively plow its bike paths and lanes in the winter?

Unfortunately, in many places like Arlington County, bike trails frequently get overlooked when it comes to plowing and salting. As the D.C. metro area attempts to continually grow as one of the nation’s leading bicycling areas, it would make sense to spend a few extra dollars to ensure that these trails and lanes were sufficiently plowed. This helps to keep cyclists safe and to encourage year-round bike riding.

In Arlington County, for instance, the responsibility to plow and salt the bike trails and multi-use paths within the Arlington Loop falls under the jurisdiction of the Department of Parks & Recreation. These trails include the Custis Trail, W&OD Trail, the Mount Vernon Trail, and Four Mile Run Trail. However, any regular plowing will apparently not be completed due to a lack of financial resources- a problem that’s existed for multiple years, apparently.

So, if you decided to venture out on your bike during Washington, D.C’s winter months, you may find your best route is riding along with regular traffic.

However, if you do find yourself the unfortunate victim of a winter bicycle accident, please don’t hesitate to give us a call. We represent bike accident victims throughout Maryland, Virginia, and the Washington, D.C., area, and have the knowledge and skill needed to aggressively pursue your accident claim. Scheduling a consultation is as easy as filling out an online contact form.